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Sep 19, 2021

Storytelling for business? You're not limited to a hero's journey story. In fact, your story starts with a purpose - not a structure. You have many stories to choose from.

My favorite type of story is the concept story. As the name implies, it's a story that communicates a concept. You might want to explain a new-to-the-world business idea. You might want to soften a tough message with a tender story. 

This episode gives examples of all these stories. You'll discover why the iconic "drunk who loses car keys" story actually represents a classic concept story and you'll see examples all around you. (The medical story was told to me by a doctor at a social event. The speaker's story was based on a real person.)  

You'll discover the pitfalls of the concept story. Tell it wrong and nobody will believe you. more when you read my kindle book, Grow Your Business One Story At A Time, available at

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