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Jun 30, 2022

Storytelling has been a big business buzzword for a long time. Small business owners frequently are encouraged, "Learn to tell stories!" or even, "You can't market without storytelling in the 21st century!"

Of course there's a backlash. We're hearing criticism of storytelling. It's fake. Companies use stories to come across as warm and fuzzy when they're cold as ice. People are tired of hearing stories. 

There's some truth to those criticisms...and we can learn from them. But...stop telling stories? That's another...story. This episode explains.

Download your free guide to the 3 Common Storytelling Mistakes (and the 1 Fix You Can Apply). 

Episode #22 explains what I mean by "concept story."
For a deeper explanation of concept stories, hero's journey and other stories, look up my book: Grow Your Business One Story At A Time. 

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