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Mar 29, 2023

Being a podcast guest brings many rewards. You open up opportunities. You get exposure in several ways. 

Small podcast? You still benefit. 

Link to the interview on your website. Your prospective clients get a new view of how you think and speak. 

Besides, you never know if just one juicy prospect is listening to that...

Mar 17, 2023

If you own a service business, you probably know this already: Writing a book can bring you exposure, credibility, and ultimately, more clients. You get transformed from "business owner" to "thought leader." 

On this podcast, Jane Tabachnik talks about an essential component of authorship: "finding your why". She...

Mar 14, 2023

You'll find lots of lists of "website mistakes." This episode introduces 3 common mistakes that can be fixed with storytelling.

For one thing, you need to be sure you're telling the right story - consistent with your clients' backstory and your own archetype.

You may get advised to choose certain websites as models of...

Mar 4, 2023

Should you swear when you're onstage for your business?

The answer is, "sometimes." Only one of the five archetypes can get away with swearing...and I'll explain which one.

For the other archetypes, swearing can backfire.

Your audience may want you to swear, but you can't make assumptions. 

And swearing seems stronger...