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Apr 12, 2023

When you're a solopreneur or small service-based business, the brand is YOU. The stories you tell will contribute to your brand and position, even when you're not intending to brand with them. A casual story gets remembered and follows you everywhere.

I've observed several business owners over the years. As...

Apr 8, 2023

This podcast looks at 3 ways your website resembles an Easter egg:

(1) Websites, like Easter eggs, rarely last forever.

After working with dozens of business owners to create a compelling, “stand-out” online presence, I’ve discovered that the most constant success factor is a willingness to change. Your website...

Apr 2, 2023

Your client says, "I don't want to work with you anymore."

Or they disappear.

What can you do? 

You can try to find out why they've left. Usually, that's a lost cause. Some clients don't know why they left. Some don't want to hurt your feelings. Some fear confrontation.

Your client has a story. You just don't know - and...