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Jun 13, 2022

Small businesses get the "too expensive!" objection all the time. In this episode we dive into the client stories that might drive these objections. 

Sometimes the clients don't "get" your value - but sometimes your offer conflicts with their story. I share some recommendations to help you deal with these objections...

Jun 5, 2022

Certain story templates are more effective when it comes to attracting more clients and generating more sales.

Is it because they create more intense conflict? 

The surprising answer is, "No."

In his book, Story Paradox, Author Jonathan Gottschall reveals a stunning fact: the higher the level of poetic justice on a TV...

May 31, 2022

When you're a small service-based business, you are the brand ... and you deliver the value to your clients.

Prospective clients come to you with the question, "Can you really do the job?"

This question breaks down into 2 questions: Why are you qualified? And How committed are you? Are you a dilettante, trying things...

Apr 19, 2022

Creating your story is just the first part storytelling. You also need a way to tell your story. 

As a business storyteller, your goal is to get listeners and readers involved in your story. They will see themselves in your story. They will want to jump in and join the story.

Or realize "this isn't my story" and go...

Apr 1, 2022

They're not paying attention to your content? No surprise: there's a lot of noise in the background. 

This episode (based on my new course - ) introduces the 2 factors that influence credibility...illustrated with a story.

When classical violinist Joshua Bell agreed to...