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Sep 7, 2022

"I've heard this all before."
"You sound just like everybody else in your field."
"I can't remember...what did you say again?"

Content creation takes work. Nobody wants to hear those responses after putting in effort to create what should have been a remarkable blog post, web page, podcast or landing page.

In this...

Aug 8, 2022

Many organizations are still struggling to rebuild community after the pandemic forced everyone apart.

Alex Hillman is the founder of Indy Hall, one of the first coworking spaces in Philadelphia. He had to answer the question, "How do you keep a space-based community together when the space goes away?" 

In this episode,...

May 19, 2022

Without credibility, you can't have a successful business. That's the lesson from Mitchell Levy, a Global Credibility Expert. 

In this episode, Mitchell explains why credibility is important. He identifies some surprising indicators of credibility, such as being coachable, being a servant leader and showing up. 


May 11, 2022

As a new business owner, I was advised to share stories that would build the know, like, and trust factor.   I soon discovered 3 types of stories that had the opposite effect. They created distance, confused my audience, and left them saying, "That's bizarre."

You'll discover why these types of stories don't work (and...

Apr 5, 2022

Most stories will attract attention. Small business owners need to go beyond attracting attention to create stories that attract and persuade. 

How do you attract your ideal clients? Create a story with elements they can relate to. A story that helps them see themselves in the story.  

How do you do this? It's a pretty...