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Jun 8, 2018

Donna Kozik is a book consultant, famous for her "Write Your Book In A Weekend" program. She's worked with hundreds of
authors, teaching them how ordinary people can become successful. She was one of the first to say, "Your best business
card is a book."

Donna begins by sharing the story of what motivated her to build a successful business. It all happened in the cat food
aisle of the supermarket.

Some highlights:

5:30 - why Donna encourages her authors to include stories in their book
6:25 - creative idea for a way to get stories you need for a book - a really good idea to "put it out there"
9:17 - biggest mistake people make in telling a story - especially a memoir - and what they need to share
13:30 - what she encourages authors to write -- and not to write -- in the front of each book
...and what is a recipe for disaster when you write this
14:30 - how to write your life story for a book - this is a really good tip!
16:10 - what are some different spins you can put on a story and how the spin alters the meaning of a story
18:20 -- Surprising answer to the question, "Have you ever had to talk someone out of putting a story in the book?"
21:35 - the number one inhibition that holds people back from writing a book -
and how to deal with it (Donna feels strongly about this)
27:35 - how your story can be your legacy
29:05 - final thought: the importance of being brave