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Nov 30, 2023

What’s the one thing you need to demonstrate in order to be seen as valuable…so you charge higher prices and clients feel lucky to work with you? In a service-based business, you’re selling expertise. You’re offering knowledge and skills beyond what “everybody” has. You hire a licensed electrician because a...

Nov 23, 2023

“Every year I say I’m going to plan better. And it never happens.”

“I make great plans. But I never seem to finish carrying them out.”

“I’m a small business. My brand is ME…which means my planning is all about ME and what I’ll do. All the planning advice seems geared to big business.”

How many times...

Nov 16, 2023

Almost every business coach on the planet will advise you to start telling stories. They’ll encourage you to use storytelling for your blog posts, email messages, and just about any content you create.

Deciding to tell a story is the easy part. Choosing a story that will help grow your business is much more difficult....

Nov 9, 2023

You’re a service-based business and the brand is YOU. So how will you keep growing your business while you’re taking some downtime?

For many of us, holidays mean vacation and downtime. We travel. We join family and friends.  You’ll attend special seasonal networking events. 

As a marketer for entrepreneurs, I see...

Nov 2, 2023

When you meet prospects, live or virtually, they often want to know more about you and your services. 

Inevitably, they’ll ask for your website. Research shows 80% of buyers visit a website before making a purchase. 

But what if your website isn’t ready? You may have good reasons for waiting to build a website....